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Here goes nothing.

As a blogging neophyte, and an individual who has yet to master modern technology, I don’t expect to impress any expert “bloggers” with my little experiment. I never really thought about blogging until I went to school for fashion in ’09, when a whole world unbeknownst to me opened up. I have mostly followed street fashion, illustration and design blogs, which have served as inspiration for me during the last two years. Hopefully, someday, my blog can do the same for others. In the mean time, I suppose that a blog is  a handy way to have a unofficial online portfolio and connect with others who have the same interests. For my first post I will upload some pictures of my final collection for my term project last year.

The collection was based on spirituality and eastern philosophies, in particular chakras. Each outfit represented a different chakra as well as being inspired by other eastern symbols such as buddhist robes, or the lotus flower.

 This is the illustration for my first dress. I took the shape from a traditional buddhist monk robe and the color is representative of the sacral and navel chakras.

This is the actual dress with a hand made buddha face necklace.

This is one illustration for my second outfit which represents the lotus flower as well as the heart chakra. The body of the jumpsuit is the stem of the flower and the jacket with it’s lotus print is the blossom.

The actual jumpsuit outfit with handmade lotus hair accessory.

This was the third outfit in my collection and it represented the third eye chakra.

The illustration for my fourth and final outfit in my spiritual capsule collection. This outfit represents the throat chakra and also is a dharmist priest meditation robe.

The actual dress, with scarf that can double as a hood.



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